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About Our Sunday School  (Google+)


Sri Somalankara Sunday School was started in 22nd November, 1981, under the guidance and patronage of then chief prelate venerable Kanduboda Somawansa Thero, the Sunday School history of our temple runs back to more than five decades. The Sunday School that was in existence was temporally closed in 1971 and reopened after a decade in 1981, was named Sri Somalankara Sunday School as a tribute to late Venerable Somalankara Thero, an eminent priest who then lived at the temple.


It was started with a mere 40 students, now houses nearly 200 students and is renowned today as a major center which imparts Lord Buddha`s teachings and related religious activities to our younger generation. It is with deep gratitude that we record the immense help given to Venerable Kanduboda Somawansa Thero by Messrs. Dikman Dabare, Gunasana Imaduwa, Epa Senevirathna, Tissa Dias and last but not least by Sidney Gajanayake, who retired in 2007 after serving as the principal from its inception, to inaugurate Sri Somalankara Sunday School.

Exam results of every term will be added to our online database within a week after the exam. So now you have enough facilities to check your exam results online.

From our documentary section, you can download notes, model papers, past papers and other related articles. And also now you have facilities for online education.